Wednesday, December 12, 2012

the InTern ninja wears SQL

Episode 1-Pilot 

Sitting here thinking what to blog about…man this is not easy

Episode 2 - The Pressure of Life

Still thinking what I should write about...

We are always in so much pressure to perform. Does Technology make it easier or more difficult for us? I sat in front of this computer for weeks trying to think of an appropriate topic to blog but nothing. I am under so much pressure now and…wait! That’s it! 

Technology has made it possible for us to deal with life better. So much information is available at our disposal that one can literally sit the night before and start a research project and get it done. At least that's what I did with some of my projects. The library has become something of an extra and not as essential as before.

So I might write about dynamic SQL or how the latest BI projects have improved the business processes, and the ability of an organization to collect, maintain, and organize knowledge. 

Well truly thinking of I am not entirely sure how to implement either of the two, so instead read about the dynamics of SQL and gaze into space thinking about what I read (like Sheldon Cooper’s girl friend in 'The Big Bang Theory'). Or alternatively tried having a tête-à-tête to try and prove to myself that I understood what I just read about.

Episode 3 - The Ninja Intern (Intern in IT)

For the past few months I’ve working around dangerous minds, i.e. (really intelligent) minds.

One would assume when you are an intern all you do is make coffee, file personal documents or take the boss’ car to be washed.  Honestly, I would say we only see those events transpire in movies. In the real world it’s all hard work and learning things I thought I already knew.  I  now know what is meant when they say: “What you have learned in college is literally the foundation that keeps one steady and geared up for the knowledge that is bound to be learned.” Keeping in mind that only those that are ready and are willing to learn are the ones that really grow once the internship ends.

Episode 4 - Really! 

Here I am trying to make sense of a procedure that is used to Setup Email Notifications On Disabled Queues (Service Broker) To this day I still try to figure out how some developers read code and make sense of it like they're reading "Dare Me" by Megan Abbott  One would assume that trying to find your feet in the IT industry is fairly easy, all you do is try and prove that you can write code and the BIG guys will be impressed. Well news flash!  Writing code may be easy but writing code that actually works is something else.

I am the ninja intern and for the past few months that I have been an intern I have learned my responsibilities and challenges that come with wanting to play with the big guns.

From the ninja intern, peace out!





  1. wow, ninja hey, this shows your dream and what you want to accomplish, coding needs a silly and naughty person, to play around the code mess up and rebuild.

    all the best Ninja Intern

  2. "Writing code may be easy but writing code that actually works is something else." As someone who does coding a lotta times, I can relate.

    This is one nice piece Tshepi. It is not too formal, which would have made it boring, and that made me go through the whole blog.

    I like!