Friday, February 13, 2015

The Effect of Incorrect SQL Data Types

On taking over an existing data transfer and comparison system I was intrigued to notice that a seemingly simple SSIS process was taking over four hours to run - on a daily basis.  Something didn’t seem right, and on investigation it turned out there were lots of improvements to be made.  This blog is covering only one of them: the importance of choosing the correct SQL data types.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My first SSIS project: Part 1

 Helping myself and other beginners gain a better understanding of SSIS

I want to show my understanding and the methods I found from the Internet and colleagues to explain the concepts of SSIS. The reason I am doing this blog is because I want to leave a little bit of a guide for myself. If this blog sheds some light on the functionality of SSIS for you as the reader then that is great.
Some of the blog tutorials I have gone through are either are very vague and sometimes can’t be easily followed, other blogs have too much information and takes a lot of effort to maintain attention on the tutorial. I want my tutorials to be concise and easy to follow. Another reason for the creation of this blog is so that I won’t be constantly searching the internet for stuff I used before in my SSIS projects.

Converting a SAS application into a working SSIS project

My journey began with unveiling my new mission that was given to me by the SQL Secret Services: To unravel if it was possible to convert a current SAS application that was run manually by a user once a week. I was to help the poor unfortunate soul get rid of this burden.

So I began my destined journey to complete the difficult but possible mission.

Monday, February 9, 2015

PowerBI Update

There have been a few rumblings in the PowerBI (Microsoft`s cloud BI solution) world of late.

With the visual analytics and self-service BI world as competitive as it is, this is good news for anyone who has a strategy built on the Microsoft BI toolset.

Here are the highlights: