Thursday, December 13, 2012

Skills do the Job but Attitude gets the Job

Skills do the Job but Attitude gets the Job

You may have the best technical skills in the world, solve problems in seconds , be a “Master Dev”, have the highest technical certifications and have brains as big as the size of a planet with high IQ but if you have a negative Attitude, you are up for disappointment as a consultant. YOU’LL NEVER TAKE OFF….

My point is, Skills are important but are much easier to obtain than Attitude.
EOH MS has a high success rate in getting employees technically certified, but have we paused for a second and thought about our Attitude?
At EOH MS, we don’t sell software, we sell people therefore it is very important to work on our Attitude the same way we work on our skills.

There's no certificate qualifying one for Attitude, nor a blue pill.
It all starts with Pride, Passion and Belief. It develops when there are corresponding sides between what you say you will do and what you actually do. ‘That translates into integrity, the hallmark of an authentic person’.

Remember, a perfect match between candidate and employer goes beyond academic requirements. Employees need to fit within the culture of a company and align their values with those of the company as well as philosophy and mission.
It’s your Attitude not your aptitude that will determine your altitude.

Interesting fact is ‘Over 80% fail within the first 18months of taking a job because of attitudinal reasons, not lack of skill.’
Do you want to be part of this statistics? You choose.


Henry Lehloo


  1. I have also seen a lot of my "work mates" who have left jobs or got fired because of their attitudes. They sucked. This is a good article indeed

  2. Greate article and I also agree with Peter Cabonara on his article "Hire for Attitude, Train for skills". The company I started working for 1994 hire a brick layer who ended up becoming a manager.

    His attitude was right and his limit was the sky. He passed the same aptitude test that we wrote at the technikon then and we both went to be trained in a private institution. He went on becoming a programmer with a right attitude.

    Now he is a manager. I went from primary to tertiary to a work environment, he went from primary (kzn), dropped out of high school (money problems), brick layer in GP to become a programmer and now a manager)

  3. great article no doubt. there is definitely a thin line between a good attitude (which can take you places) and actually displaying the skills you have acquired, if you display both...and balance the two smartly, there's no reason for one to actually fail at anything...