Thursday, December 13, 2012

Now that's life!

As employees in an IT company, some of us are involved with development, some with networks and others with just the people. But who are we? We are the innovative custodians of our field. We are responsible for the world moving forward. 

As technically gifted individuals we are sometimes mocked and called names. Comments are always made about us or we are questioned. How good is the life we're living? The money we make? The cars we drive or even the types of people we are? This is because in our own way we are uniquely different from everyone else.
If you think about it, every single one of us forms a part of this unbelievably well oiled machine. No matter how small your particular function is.  

Without Technology and the people behind it, nothing we know today would've been possible. Doctors would still work in a iron-age way - specialized surgeons would probably not even exist, cell phone companies would never have been needed and the way you get to work every day would have been nothing but too much exercise and most likely would involve animals..

In my opinion we are the luckiest people alive! We get to influence the world every day and get paid for it - now that’s life!

In addition to that, people dealing with Technology have the nicest work environments. No matter what your role is you most likely share an office with like minded people. People who share the same tastes in music, comics, movies, games and even cars. IT organisations go to great lengths to decorate office spaces and canteens to help maintain the staff’s positivity. Training is a provided, be it formal or otherwise and with that most of us enjoys the benefit of having the latest gadgets and toys!
Always remember that people turn to Technology when they are moving forward in business, home life and social interactions. The time is now to continuously improve your skills, keep with the times to expand your knowledge and listen to the senior people around you - history always repeats itself and no one can teach you wisdom! 

So go on, do something for the world! 

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