Tuesday, November 27, 2012

MasterDev C3: Prepare to be Blogged

The third installment of MasterDev (known as C3) is all about sharing your knowledge via an unique article,  formulated with the right words that draws the most attention/interest.

This challenge is an individual challenge, you will be responsible for your own destiny… Prepare to be Blogged!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Having a look beneath the Surface...

It has long been awaited... It felt about as long as some of us waited (and some are still waiting) for the fourth installment of The Matrix. Unlike The Matrix fans we all finally heard the deafening drum-roll as Microsoft finally released the long awaited Surface... However if you listened closely, you would have noticed that our fearless drummer held back a bit, because the true prodigy is yet to come...

Hey That's (not so) Private - Introduction to Internet Privacy

As of the year 2011, an estimated 65% of the world’s population are internet users. And although people are becoming more aware of internet security, how do you know that someone isn’t watching your browsing patterns? Can you be certain that your internet session is not being monitored by others on the net? Are you sure that your personal information is safe? Although, it may be argued that your browsing patterns and data aren’t worth much, this article will discuss some of the techniques people use to view your internet usage and what they may be able to do with that information. Then we will mention some ways to control your privacy on the net.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Did Someone Say SQL Can Do Mathematics?!

Did Someone Say SQL Can Do Mathematics?!

I thought it was strange at first, the idea of needing mathematics in database queries. I mean are we not just fetching and storing data? However, clearly there is a place and time to use special data manipulating functions. For this reason I am going to explain a few of them and give some examples so all the noobs out there (like me) have idea of what can be done.