Thursday, June 28, 2012

How The A-Team solves real world use cases

Shortly after the launch of our official blog, we made a point of blogging at least twice a week about interesting facts and ideas in the world of IT. So, to flavor it up a bit, I've decided to dedicate this week's post to my fellow team members.

Our client

When talking investments, one of the leading brands quickly becomes a trending subject. The recently merged Momentum Manager of Managers requires strategic precision and the up-most standard to stay highly competitive in the field.

Having a back-office mostly "made from Microsoft", the demand for Microsoft based suppliers is very high - reason being: It just works.

This is where EOH Microsoft Services comes in. Winner of two consecutive Microsoft Partner Software Developer Of The Year awards

Any type of system, ranging from administration-, operation- & report-based; to mention a few, delivered on time with the up-most quality using the latest and greatest in technology. We are proud to work together with innovative professionals.

Meet the team that makes it happen

We are a group of young experienced professionals with passion for what we do.
Here is The A-Team:

Nicholas Bowen
Team Lead / Scrum Master

a.k.a.: "Jager-master"

Taking up any challenge is a breeze for our fearless leader. No matter how big or small it is, a solution magically evolves. Need a project done? He is your go-to guy.

Fanie Reynders
Technical Lead / Architect

a.k.a.: "2 Seconds"

Just your friendly co-worker that enforces software development best practises, patterns & standards across all the systems. Research fanatic & techno-dude.

Wian Greyling
Software Developer / Senior Support

a.k.a.: "Mister Stella"

Makes sure that the systems are up and running. Boss of support & Data Warehouse specialist

Jaco Visser
Junior Developer / Data Warehouse Support

a.k.a.: "2 Degrees" or "Fish"

Maintains the Data Warehouse. Wian's wing-man.

Stefan Jonck
Junior Developer

a.k.a.: "Elvis Blue"

Delivery with dedication. Likes the deep-end & eager learner.

Brian Baker
Senior Software Developer

a.k.a.: "Zebra" or "Guiness"

King of Test Driven Development. Hates pork, loves MVC.

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Till next Time.