Friday, June 8, 2012

The easiest Turn you will ever make...

The developers dream is to ensure that every user always has an equal and acceptable experience when working with their creations. And one of the areas that are usually neglected is post development user manual creation. Not only is it neglected but sometimes it gets written off completely due to the extra time and resources it consumes... Well not any more....

The javascript utility on the menu today is one of the least used packages around Turn.js, it's a really small compact library which allows a developer to turn images into brilliant, cross browser compatible turning magazine pages.... Let's begin on an example...

Step 1:

Download the necessary files below:

Jquery UI CSS



 Step 2:

Create a new Web Application and start of by referencing the libraries:

Next... Add this simple script

And finally create your div for the flipbook

And yes... That's it, strike F5 as though you can't control your enthusiasm and watch as your images are neatly displayed in an interactive magazine type flipbook.

The future possibilities and current advancements with HTML5 and javascripting is mind blowing enough as it is, yet one can't help but feel slightly excited about what the next big thing will be. This blog was short and straight to the point and the only reason for that is how simple it is to implement this library, hope someone finds this useful.

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  1. This is one of the plug-ins that I've been looking for. Please next time post a working example.