Monday, August 20, 2012

Project Management??

From a young age we all had big dreams of what we want to be when we grown up, some wanted to be firemen, police men, game rangers and some ladies wanted to be models - or the best one: Marry a rich man and spend his money.

While life goes on and the idea of "what we going to be" changed. Some of us ended up doing the career that we wanted to do when we were young and the others; selected the career that will fulfil a certain need and our childhood dreams ended up staying a dream or our hobby.

Taking on the task ahead of growing in our career, we reach certain road blocks that require certain decisions to be made?

You must be wondering, what the *bleep* has this anything to do with the title? Well...

What is Project Management? 
According to  mpug project management is defined as:

Project management is the science (and art) of organizing the components of a project, whether the project is development of a new product, the launch of a new service, a marketing campaign, or a wedding. A project isn't something that's part of normal business operations. It's typically created once, it's temporary, and it's specific. As one expert notes, "It has a beginning and an end."

A project consumes resources (whether people, cash, materials, or time), and it has funding limits.

Each project follows a certain pattern according to mpug :
1. Definition
2. Planning
3. Execution
4. Control
5. Closure

To run a project you just need a project manager or a person that can implement the process as requested, one that is willing to take control and see everything through until the end.

There are different tools, methods, standards or de facto standards available for you as project manager or for those of us that want to move into the project management arena of IT to utilise.

Moving into the Project Management arena, a certain set of knowledge, skills and experience will make your life easier and will help you make the correct decisions for the task at hand.

Different types of certifications are available in the PM arena, but which one to do?

The two main ones that are well known in the PM arena:

Prescriptive or process oriented approach for the project manager or team manager to apply to the projects.

a Knowledge based project management framework covering widely proven practices.

To make the decisions even harder I've come across the following 3 documents and all credits go out to the authors of the documents.

Comparing PMBoK and PRINCE2 In 2009
The Marriage of PMBoK and PRINCE2
Comparing PRINCE2 and PMBoK

Well decisions, decisions??

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