Tuesday, August 21, 2012


How The FOS team has changed in the past few months- Using agile

I would like to share my experience that I have had on the FOS team in the past couple of years, and how things changed in the past few months when we adapted to agile mythology.

In April 2011 was a very stressfull month for our team, we were all stressed out, under pressure and working long hours. Each member of the team were busy in their own “world” ; trying to get their tasks completed in time, which lead to poor quality development and where most of the time work to be re-done and at time not even tested by our tester before it was release to the client,  because of all the rush and deadlines. This all happening, making the client frustrated in the process.

Now if I compare what the team is today and what we were last year April, we have changed as a TEAM – we have grown as a team and adapted well with Agile.

I believe Agile has helped us in the following ways:

1.)    Communication
-          Between the team and the client
-          Stand Ups (Being aware of what our team mates are busy with)
2.)    Weekly Release
-          This is a great opportunity for the client to see progress and change     requirement if necessary in time and not when task is fully completed where it requires the developer to re-do his/her work.
3.)    More awareness/ Visibility
4.)    Transparency to client and team
5.)    Planning  & Organizing

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