Wednesday, October 17, 2012

MasterDev Challenge: 1

It has finally started, the competition you've all been waiting for: MasterDev! The first challenge was a huge success judging from the great feedback received. I'm truly excited for the others in the pipe-line. I've decided to write about the results for the first challenge.

I wrote about the concept a while ago but just to refresh your memory, here is the basics of the concept:

MasterDev is a competition that consist out of numerous challenges where contestants are divided up into random groups for each challenge. Each challenge has an unique flavor to it, like mobile development, social networking, user experience etc. To make things a bit more interesting, we've introduced a range of constraints to each challenge, like scrambled keyboard, upside-down screen, code blindly.

The groups compete against each other to win the votes of a panel of judges. For each win, all the contestants in the particular group get awarded points. The groups are also shuffled for each challenge and contestants get to take their points with them.

The winner takes it all: At the grand finale, the top 5 contestants will go head-to-head to win the ultimate prize: The Microsoft Surface! The runner up and 3rd place gets to walk away with a Nokia Lumia smart phone & R3000.00 cash respectively.

Challenge: 1

We've got about 32 contestants signed up for MasterDev. 

The first challenge was a common knowledge flavor. We had questions appear one by one on a big screen and gave each group the opportunity to answer them, but not traditionally: They had to make use of Twitter and tweet their answers. Here is the architectural overview:

Each group had a color-coded icon on the screen representing them. For each question, the first correct answer posted to Twitter will cause their icon to move forward. The questions were randomized and each one had a different movement weight.

The first group that got their icon in the winning zone won.

It was a tight game, the Purple team was in the lead for long but near the end the Yellow team caught up and overtook them. This is just one of many scenarios how the game could change.

You can view the results on the MasterDev website

The winning team (Yellow) each got awarded their icon points plus additional 10 bonus points which puts them in the lead with 30 smakeroons. Short on their heels, the Purple Team came second and got their icon-points + 5 bonus points putting them on 23 points. The Green Team was third and received a neutral 10 points + 3 additional bonus points, so they walk away with 13 points.

The rest of the groups Blue & Red each got 1 additional bonus point for participation + their icon points putting them on 7 points & 3 points respectively.

Thank You!

Fun it was and there's so much more to come! To all the participants doing this, thank you for showing commitment and dedication in proving that you are the next MasterDev!

Till Next Time!

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