Monday, February 9, 2015

PowerBI Update

There have been a few rumblings in the PowerBI (Microsoft`s cloud BI solution) world of late.

With the visual analytics and self-service BI world as competitive as it is, this is good news for anyone who has a strategy built on the Microsoft BI toolset.

Here are the highlights:

New version of PowerBI on the horizon. 

Although this is relatively old news by now, It is still the biggest news in recent months. 

Microsoft is working on a new version of the popular hosted BI platform, the new version finally has proper dash boarding capabilities- something that has been severely lacking in the product. 
There is also new out-of-the-box data-sources which allows you to connect to your other hosted platforms without configuring much, these include Dynamics CRM, Salesforce , Zendesk etc. 

The new version is currently in preview , but only if you have a US business account, they say that the preview will be rolled out worldwide soon. 

Microsoft are also keeping the date of general availability very close to the chest - many feel it will only be in the second half of 2015. 

PowerBI is now very, very cheap. 

There will be 2 versions of the service - a bare bones version simply called Power BI. And the full version now dubbed Power BI Pro. 

The humble Power BI version will now be FREE - That`s right, you are not hallucinating, I did say free. The Pro version is also now very affordable at $9.99 per user a month. 

Find all the info on the new version and pricing here.

Power Update

For a long time an automated update functionality was needed for powerpivot models and PowerQuery that live in Sharepoint (On-Prem or Online). 

The guys from PowerPivotPro have come up with this nifty 3rd party tool that handles this - Power Update. 

It will cost you $499 at the moment, but that seems a small price to pay for this much needed functionality. 

Check the out the details below: 


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