Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Data Modelling Made Easy

Challenged with the typical time and resources constraints at an entrepreneurial client where rapid LOB system changes are eminent, modelling their data had to be fast and to the point. In order to focus on the business needs with only pockets of time available with decision makers, we needed a tool that is easy to understand and use but comprehensive enough to build the core data warehouse collaboratively whilst abstracting the technical side, in one step.

Using Kimball’s easy to use comprehensive data modelling spreadsheet, we designed the logical and physical data models simultaneously without any fuss and in no time, delivering results on time. The resultant spreadsheets served as sufficient technical documentation and further extends to additions and alterations as a working document.

With this spreadsheet you design the dimensional models during interviews and in workshops with the client, by simply filling in the spreadsheets together. You then map the source, define the technical details and add descriptors that end up as extended properties that are neatly utilised by SSRS and SSAS and SSBI tools down the line.

With the click of a button, a macro produces the logical model as a visual star diagram that the client relates to and another generates the physical model as a SQL script to create the database that excites the DBA leaving you to focus on ETL and BI.

This tool is ideal for fast POC designs and definitely scalable to actual DW/BI implementations.

If you have used any modelling tool that beats this one in simplicity and delivery time let us know.

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